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What do the Plastic Pellet Manufacturers do?

Whether you talk about the household items or the office use items, plastics are found everywhere they can be used on toys and in the cell phones and laptops as well. Due to their increasing use, the plastic industries are definitely booming. However, the plastic is not found in the universe as you see it in the form of various plastic products that you use. Instead, it is made up of petroleum and it is the job of the plastic pellet manufactures to convert the petroleum into pellets made up of plastic. This article discusses in detail about the work that the plastic pellet manufacturers actually have to go through.

What are Plastic Pellets?

Plastic pellets are small pieces of plastic which can be further processed in the plastic processing industries to mold them into various plastic objects of everyday use as you see them today. When you would visit a plastic molding factory, you would see that the raw material that they use is actually small pieces of plastic and these are known as plastic pellets. However, these pellets are again made in some other industry, which are known as plastic pellet manufacturing industries.

Plastic Pellet ManufacturersManufacturing of Plastic Pellets

First of all, petroleum is extracted from the earth, just like it is done for manufacturing all the other things that are made of petroleum. Then, this petroleum is refined, and this refining is generally done in the refineries made for the purpose. After refining, ethane and propane are formed. Notice that you would get only ethane and propane and to make plastic out of it, you would need ethylene and propylene. These can be obtained by heating ethane and propane at very high temperatures.

Chemical Processes

Once the ethylene and propylene is ready, they are made into long polymer chains with the help of some chemical reactions. The type of the plastic that the user wants as the end product would determine the reaction that is used to process this step. Generally, thermoplastics and thermosets are the two most common types of plastics that are fabricated. In some of the cases, elastomers might also be produced.

Final Process

Afterwards, the polymer would be extruded so as to melt it and give it a continuous form. One the plastic gets into its continuous form, it can then be cooled down so that it gets into its natural shape. After the plastic has been cooled down, it would remain solid at the room temperature and this mass would be too heavy to be transported to the companies as it is. So, it would need to be palletized. A pelletiser is nothing but a simple tool which would help to cut put small pieces of plastic. These smaller pieces are better known as plastic pellets.

So, this is the process which happens at the plastic pellets manufacturing companies and the plastic pellets manufacturers have to see to it that the process is happening perfectly.

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