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Explain the Plastic Manufacturing Process

The plastic manufacturing process is not a very simple one, but a complicated one. Starting from the drilling of the petroleum, and then moving on to the making of complex polymers and then, melting and cooling and everything finally results into plastic pellets. Then, these pellets are again processed to make different household items as we see them in our homes and offices. If you are planning to start up a plastic manufacturing business very soon, it would be a good idea to have some basic knowledge about the various plastic manufacturing processes, this article discusses them all in detail:

Injection Molding

This is a common plastic manufacturing process and it is used in making a large number of plastic items, from the toys used by children to the cell phones used by adults. The injection machine is used for the process and the pellets are made to melt inside this machine. Then, the molten mass is made to enter a metal mold and once it solidifies, the plastic articles are produced. The good thing about this process is that materials would not be wasted as they can be melted and cooled multiple times without any issues.

Plastic Manufacturing ProcessExtrusion Molding

Extrusion molding is very similar to the injection molding discussed above. In this process as well, the plastic would be melted, but after melting, instead of putting the mass into metal molds, the machine used for melting puts pressure on the plastic. This gives a particular shape to the plastic and when simple plastic articles have to be manufactured, for example, pipes, or the seals or frames, this method works out best. Depending upon whether thermoplastics have been employed or the thermosets, the plastics can method be melted multiple times or only a single time?

Blow Molding

This is another popular method of plastic manufacturing. A parison is used in this process, which is similar to a hollow pipe. The hollow tube like plastic material would then be pressurized so as to get into a particular shape. This kind of a process is best in the situations when you want to construct some plastic object which is hollow from inside such as the plastic pipes themselves. Bottles and other plastic containers are also made with the help of this technique.

Rotational Molding

Other than blow molding, is there is a method by which you can make hollow plastic objects, relation molding is the method. In this method, the plastic is taken in powdered form and put into the molds. The heating action is applied afterwards. The mold, which contains the plastic powder is made to enter a furnace and inside the furnace, it is made to rotate continuously for some time. This creates a mold cavity. Auto parts are generally created using rotational molding. Some toys are also created using this technique.

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